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As a medical parent I have moments where I feel under prepared. I wonder, "what will happen to my child's medical care if something happens to me?" - His care is very complex! How will the person under his care know how to take care of him? 


I created a few binders and designed this template to give to our family and friends. In an emergency they will have all the documents and information they need. I figured you may need this too! So I made this template avaliable for purchase.  Simply purchase the item and an email with the download will be sent you.


Download, print, fill out the form! Its that easy. With this template I hope you get some relief knowing your child's vital medical information is taken care of. 


Pages included:


  • Intro/cover page
  • Daily Medications
  • Special Circumstance Medications 
  • Specialists Contacts 
  • Password Tracker: Great for medical portals and emails
  • Allergies
  • 5 Diagnosis pages 
  • Special Routines: space to write special instructions like g-tubes, braces, and other routines that are necessary for your child's care



All sales are final 

Next to Kin Emergency Care Plan

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