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Preparing for Appointments

To keep track of all the information needed for big appointments, we keep a binder of everything we may need on hand.

What's inside?!

🌼General info: weight, height, medications, primary provider, and allergies. We put all of this on one master list.

🌼Your Report: Concerns, symptoms, observations, and questions. Keep it simple and concise! I offer it to the nurse if she would like to give it to the doctor before they enter our room. Otherwise I hand it straight to the doctor. Why is this important? Well because your voice has a better chance to be heard! Talking can be hard, if we are anxious we can be scattered and forgetful. Don't you ever go home thinking, "man I wish I mentioned that symptom!!" We also can be interrupted and run out of time. A simple summary of your improvements and concerns will help you be heard.

🌼Daily Log - we keep a daily summary of Atticus's day to day concerns and observations. While most times we don't need this in a appointment, we've been pleasantly surprised to see it become helpful when we least expect it.

🌼Medical History - a timeline of past symptoms, conditions, mystery elements, doctors, treatments, medications etc. As always keep it brief - it's to trigger your memory and if the doctor has any questions they will ask.

🌼Previous Lab Results - especially if you are working with multiple doctors and specialists! One specialist may have no received the other doctor's lab orders + results. This can really hold back an appointment if they do not have the appropriate matierals. I've swooped in with our printed results and saved us many an extra doctors appointment.

Preparation Makes a Difference! Keeping a journal should not be a burden rather an organizational tool that relocated stress and burden! I hope this helped you.

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